Patryk Smakosz


Years of Experience

Every brand has a story. I'm here to make yours unforgettable. I'm Patryk, the creative force behind, where your digital dreams become reality.

As a digital artisan, I sculpt in code and animations. Seeking new challenges, I'm your architect for innovative web experiences.

Diverse projects fuel me. Currently, I'm blending art with technology, focusing on interactive websites and animations that captivate.


Patryk's work on our complex logo animation was nothing short of brilliant. His ability to bring our vision to life with such detail and creativity was remarkable. The final product exceeded our expectations, and the professionalism he showed throughout the project made the entire process seamless. We're looking forward to our next project with him!
Alex Johnson
Working with Patryk was an incredible experience. He created an Art Tech Glitch Logo and an SVG isometric animation for our office that truly transformed our digital presence. His talent in animation and understanding of interactive design helped us stand out in a crowded digital space. Patryk’s dedication to perfection and quick turnaround time were highly appreciated.
Samantha Davis
Patryk’s expertise in HTML5 banner suites has been invaluable to our marketing campaigns. His work is not only visually stunning but also optimally designed for performance across all platforms. Patryk’s proactive approach and ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality are why we continue to rely on his services for all our digital advertising needs.
Michael Roberts
Patryk was a game-changer for our web development project. His unique approach to tackling complex problems and his knack for creating visually appealing and highly functional websites were exactly what we needed. His work on our project was exemplary, showcasing his broad skill set and his commitment to delivering exceptional results. We’re thrilled with the outcome and can't recommend him highly enough.
Emil Thompson



• SVG Animator for Complex Logo Animation: Delivered a high-impact SVG animation project, highlighting advanced animation skills.
• Art Tech Glitch Logo Animation and SVG Isometric Animation: Demonstrated versatility in animation styles and techniques across different projects.


• Senior Frontend Developer at BÆRNHOLDT: Contributed innovative solutions to projects, enhanced user experiences with modern interfaces, and engaged in strategic collaborations.


• Significant HTML5 Banner Suite Projects: Undertook several major HTML5 banner suite projects, including updates and extensions of existing suites.


• Continued extensive project work: Including SVG animations for web pages, development of HTML5 banner suites, and participation in special projects


• Worked on Various Animation and Development Projects: Including SVG animations, HTML5 banner suites, and custom WordPress development projects.


• Continued Role as CEO at Tasty Sites: Focused on building Nuxt/Vue/WordPress services/apps.


• Creative Coder at GREEN RUBINO: Developed SVG-rich banners and researched cutting-edge interactive web content. Collaborated with the Art Director on interactive content.
• CEO at Tasty Sites: Started leading TastySites, creating interactive content for high-profile clients like Disney, Mazda, and Paco Rabanne. Began evolving presence on UpWork.
• Front End Developer at Various Projects: Engaged in multiple frontend development projects, including the creation of WordPress custom themes and animated banners.


• Front End Developer at 314.PL: Created WordPress Services, 3D animations, and simple applications using Vue. Managed junior developers on projects.
• Banner Animation: creating and resizing banner animations for various projects.


• Prototype UX Designer: Worked on Adobe Edge Animate projects, focusing on UX design and interactive banners.
• Crafting newsletter designs and custom graphic projects