Front-end developer and web animation enthusiast with 8 years of experience in web development/design and 10 years of computer science education.

I've worked with multiple agencies - GreenRubino, AKA, We Push Buttons - companies like Disney, Mazda, Paco Rabanne, and many others - creating SEO friendly pages, custom themes, newsletter templates, web applications, video tutorials, motion graphics, banner design, and banner animation.

Since 2010 I'm professionally helping in topics like networks, hardware, software, malware removal and crafting brands for local and global businesses.

In a nutshell I can help you with:

  • Web apps with Vue.js + animations and e-commerce
  • WordPress custom theme building + e-commerce
  • Web animated banners with GreenSock
  • ScrollMagic, Parallax animations
  • Creating layouts with CSS Grid
  • SVG draw, morph animations
  • Web Animations HTML 5
  • Canvas Animations
  • Logo animation
  • PSD to HTML

As a freelancer for the past 7 years, my main goal is to evolve, have great ongoing relationships - and most important enjoy my work and the people around me.

I have my own office, with everything that's important - from the fiber internet to smooth audio hardware for communication. If needed I have a group of professionals that can help me with almost any task related to IT, so Ads, SEO, Marketing, Enterprise Applications/Software, 3D interactive animations and even VR and AI.

Besides that, I love to take long walks in the forest. I'm an amateur archer a dog guy, a rodents guy (currently 2 lovely Chinchillas), and a passionate reader.

Usually reading at least one book per week from programming books, animation ones to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Personal advice, and classical literature.

Don't hesitate to ask me about anything [email protected] If you prefer a video chat - no problem